Roxane: A Study in Visual Factors Affecting Legibility


Roxane is an original typeface designed by the author in response to a design analysis of visual attributes that enhance the legibility of font characteristics. The author takes issue with scientific legibility studies which focus on isolating variables to obtain verifiable results, but which are not useful in the more complex and holistic design of specific type faces. Visual analysis of type form attributes and visual principles provide the framework for this more holistic enterprise. The principles and attributes are demonstrated visually throughout the article, ending with Roxane, a type face developed with these principles in mind.

Visible Language 33.3: 1999
Roxane: A Study in Visual Factors Affecting Legibility


Author Note

Stuart Gluth teaches graphic design, leads the Design Research Group at the University of South Australia and is a partner in the design consultancy interDesign. The breadth of his interests is indicated by his passion for typography, which has led to a masters degree from the ANCT in Paris, following initial studies in industrial design. He is currently campaigning for Ph.D. degrees in design practice and for the acceptance of designing as researching.