Sibylle Hagmann _Kontour

Kontour is a design studio in Houston, Texas. It was founded by Sibylle Hagmann in 2000. It is committed to non-profit projects. The client list includes the MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston; the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; the Fisher Gallery of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, among others.

Most type design project are client independently initiated, but feed often back into client driven assignments. [Ler mais...]

Odile was among the awarded projects in the 2006 Swiss Federal Design Grants, "Selected — Awarded", of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. [Download pdf specimen (620 kb]

The Cholla™ type family was published in Experimental Typography, edited by Teal Triggs, Thames & Hudson, 2003.

Kontour was commissioned to submit a proposal for a new typeface design for use in the Twin Cities Design Celebration (TCDC) in Minneapolis/St.Paul in 2003.