Typography Glossary

Explore the world of typography and digital type through words, definitions, and mini-tutorials on using fonts in desktop publishing. Take a look at the terminology of type and fonts, especially as it applies to desktop publishing.

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"Type Designer
By Jacci Howard Bear, About.com

Definition: A professional type designer is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the anatomy of typefaces as well as type history. Type designers create new typefaces from scratch or based on existing typeface designs. Today, with the ready availability of font editors and type design software, anyone can modify fonts or create new ones and can be considered type designers, although the best typefaces are still generally created by dedicated, professional type designers.

Also Known As: font designer

Examples: The history of typography generally begins with Gutenberg and the development of moveable type, but it has its roots in handwritten letterforms -- whether transcribed with pen and ink or chiseled in stone -- for they are the basis of type designs."