Kohei Sugiura

Speakers Profile: Kohei Sugiura by Zara Arshad

Kohei Sugiura by designboom
at the recent icograda world design congress in beijing,
the japanese graphic designer kohei sugiura
gave a lecture entitled 'one is two, two is many, and many returns to one'.

we quote here:
'that’s the flow of yin and yang.yin and yang seem to be two things and in fact
have different meanings but canbe combined into one'.I often use our fingers
as a metaphor. the ten fingers stand for many. this one can be science, this one
the society, this one the environment… but they all stem from the same origin,
the one. people nowadays tend to make things more and more complex, as in
thenonstop development of science. yet they don’t know how to return to the origin,
and this I think is the problem.one contains two and many, and, many will return
to one.you should nurture yourself with all the information, all the pictures and texts,
and try to make them one.' [Ler mais...]

was born in tokyo in 1932. he graduated from tokyo university of fine arts and music
with a degree in architecture. he has been a graphic designer for five decades, and is
a recognised innovator, especially in the area of book design. sugiura taught at the ulm
school of design in germany from 1964 to 1967, and at kobe design university from 1989 to 2003.
he has written extensively about visual communication, perception, music, and iconography,
with a particular focus on the cultural traditions of asia. among them 'asian and japanese
forms and designs', 'swallowing up the universe','spirits of form and design', 'drumming the cosmos', 'wind and lighting: a half-century of magazine design by kohei sugiura', 'books, texts, and design in asia', and 'luminous mandala: book designs of kohei sugiura'.
sugiura has received numerous awards, including the special prize at the leipzig book design
fair, the mainichi newspaper arts prize, and the arts award from japan’s ministry of education.
in 1997, he received the medal of honor with purple ribbon from the japanese government.

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