Unicode and Multilingual File Conversion

Alan Wood
Created 26th December 2001
Last updated 23rd December 2004

Unicode and Multilingual File Conversion, Font and Keyboard Utilities for Macintosh OS X Computers 

Mac OS X 10 did not originally include support for as many languages and scripts as Mac OS 9. Mac OS X 10.1 supported Central European, Cyrillic and Japanese, and Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese were made available as downloads. Mac OS X 10.2 introduced support for Arabic, Devanagari, Greek, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hebrew and Thai scripts. Mac OS X 10.3 introduced support for Armenian, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics and Cherokee scripts. 

Character Palette 
Character Palette is a character map for Unicode 3.2 (including supplementary planes) that is supplied with Mac OS X 10.2. It is available on the Keyboard menu, not in the Applications folder. Character Palette can arrange characters by Unicode range, or display them in a table. It can show you a catalogue of the characters in a font, and a list of the fonts that contain a selected character. Characters can be inserted into another application by double-clicking them, or by dragging them, or by selecting them and then clicking the “Insert” button.

Character Palette can also display Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese by radical or by category. [Ler mais...]

fonte: http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/utilities_fonts_macosx.html

Yi Syllables from NSimSun-18030, in Character Palette under Mac OS X