Hermann Zapf

Hermann Zapf, born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1918 and now living in Darmstadt, taught himself calligraphy from the books of Rudolf Koch and Edward Johnston. He has had a distinguished career in type design and typography which stretches over fifty years. His Zapfino typeface, originally released in 1998, was an amazing success that has since worked its way into designs produced all around the world. Hermann Zapf’s artistic and technical masterpiece is both traditional and modern at the same time. Used with popular layout software applications, Zapfino can help create breathtakingly calligraphic layouts.

In 2003, Hermann Zapf reengineered his design, imbuing it with the new OpenType technology. Even though the resulting font, Zapfino Extra, has significantly more characters, OpenType technology makes the face drastically simpler to use.

Hermann Zapf is recognised as one of the world’s leading type designers and typographers, having designed Roman, Greek and Arabic faces. He has been made an Honorary Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts and has won innumerable awards. He is an honorary member of over twenty-four societies across the globe and is also Honorary President of the Edward Johnston Foundation. Ler mais...