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Like so many typefaces, the 
Stainless™ design grew out of experimentation. While drawing in his sketchbook one day, Cyrus Highsmith began to rough out a serifless version of his slab serif design, Dispatch™. As he drew strokes and counters, he realized that he had the beginnings of an original family – with its own strong character and identity – not just a sans serif partner for Dispatch. The final Stainless design was chosen as the new branding typeface for Premiere magazine.Highsmith designed three display weights for the project: Ultra Thin, Thin and Ultra Light.

Highsmith, senior type designer at Font Bureau, is no stranger to magazine type design. Martha Stewart Living, The Source, MensHealth and many other publications contain his typefaces. However, magazine type design isn’t Highsmith’s sole focus. He considers himself above all a draftsman. He draws calligraphic scripts and industrial-strength sans serif faces (like Stainless) with equal ease.

Stainless is now a full family of 35 designs. Weights range from a precise Ultra Thinto a full-bodied Black. Italics, condensed, compressed and even a suite of extendeddesigns complete the family. Square shoulders and clipped terminals give Stainless a sophisticated demeanor that stands out from the crowd. If you are looking for a distinctive – and exceptionally versatile – sans, Stainless just might be the family for you. [Ler mais...]