An Interview with Zuzana Licko

Stephen Coles | September 29, 2005

Zuzana Licko co-founded Emigre — one of the first independent digital type foundries — in 1984. This interview with Licko was conducted on the eve of Emigre’s 15th anniversary in 1998.

How do you get ideas for new typeface designs?

Most of my inspiration comes from the particular medium that I’m involved with at the time. I search out a problem that needs to be addressed or a unique result that a production method can yield.

For example, my interest in making type was initiated by my need for unique and more effective fonts than those originally available for the Macintosh computer screen and dot matrix printer in 1984. As graphic designers, we also enjoyed the new found ability to test and implement the faces directly within our design work. Initially I was designing typefaces exclusively for use in Emigre magazine, but as other designers expressed interest in using them as well, we formed Emigre Font in 1986. [Ler mais...]

Emigre Lo-Res Narrow FontEmigre Modula FontEmigre-Base-9-FontEmigre Mrs Eaves Ligatures